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Instructional Design

One of my passions in instruction is designing the framework for delivery and creating the blueprints for learner mastery. Beginning with defining the target objectives and working backward to create engaging, relevant instruction while always being willing to adjust, reflect, and meet differentiated needs are my priority.  

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New Hires

Professional Development

Grading Practices for Equity

Visit the link below for a view of the design behind a teacher centered, year-long dive into more equitable grading practices.  

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Student Writing

Student Writing Unit 

Informative & Explanatory Text 

Visit the link below for a comprehensive view of a 14 week writing plan, delivered both as online and blended instruction. 

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Vertical Collaboration

Metacognitive Strategies

Visit the link below for access to an interactive pdf outlining our prototype of metacognitive strategies on writing instruction created with three grade levels.

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