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Changemaker. I have always been eager to innovate, create something new, and seek opportunities to grow. I believe we can react to change or be changemakers. As technology evolves, people and organizations that not only welcome and embrace change, but also seek to thoughtfully activate ideas, develop creative solutions, and curate out-of-the-box thinking become thought leaders.

I understand the needs of large districts, organizations, and systems to model consistency and efficiency, while at the same time demonstrating creativity, innovation, and leadership. While I have had two radically different careers, my first in the corporate retail industry and my second in education, the constants in both have been instruction, design, leadership, and thriving in a constantly changing environment. 

I strive to inspire and empower learners, transform and amplify existing structures if needed, and collaboratively envision all that is possible. I seek to leverage new learning and enhance my existing background knowledge to reach deeper levels of understanding and implementation. I believe in harnessing the power of technology while always looking through the lenses of equity, agency, and flexibility. How might we be proactive and create or reinvent instructional systems that meet the needs of all our clients is the essential question that drives my design. 

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