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Grading for Equity 

This presentation highlights the Design Thinking process as an intentional delivery method for addressing a relevant, but emotional topic for teachers; grading practices. Click below on the embedded Thinglink digital tool to explore the first phase of this professional development.  

Student Agency

This presentation addresses a concept that I believe has had the most impact on my teaching over my fifteen-year career. Intentionally shifting the cognitive workload and the responsibility of assessment towards the students, whether children or adults, creates learners; learners who are intrinsically motivated, invested, seeking growth, and constantly reflecting. Click below on the image to explore the slides presentation. 

Screen Shot 2021-07-07 at 5.26.38 PM.png

Creating and presenting an Ignite is one of the most challenging and exciting endeavors I have ever undertaken. The Ignite presentation format is a 5-minute long presentation with 20 slides and with the slides advancing automatically every 15 seconds. To have the opportunity to present at both the August 2018 convocation for St. Vrain Valley Schools and an edCamp in May 2019 was an incredible honor. 

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