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Competencies. The presence of these core competencies in my e-learning and educational technology work inspire and sustain me in my demonstration of leadership and change agency. 

∙ Learning Experience Design

Design learning opportunities, experiences, and programs, making best use of resources and engaging the full range of learner needs and strengths. 

∙ Professional Learning and          Leadership

Seek out opportunities for leadership to support learner agency and success by improving teaching and learning with the use of digital media and technology.  

∙ Reflective Practice

Continually improve professional practice by learning from and with others and exploring proven and promising practices that leverage technology to improve learners' performance. 

∙ Digital Media and Technology

Competent, creative, and confident in the use of various tools and technologies, related to learning, communication, and creating content.

∙ Inquiry and Change

Engage in relevant and intentional inquiry to address organizational needs and opportunities, explore problems of practice, and inform decision making that leads to positive change and growth. 

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