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Inspiration. "Thought leaders 

are the informed opinion leaders and the go-to people in their field of expertise. Over time, they create a dedicated group of friends, fans, and followers to help them replicate and scale their ideas into sustainable change not just in one company, but in an industry, niche or across an entire ecosystem."

- Denise Brosseau

  Thought Leadership Lab

Professional Learning Network

The best instruction, design, and leadership is impossible without inspiration and resources. This is a sample of a dynamic and ever-evolving list of thought leaders, changemakers, and technology trendsetters that keep me informed. 

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Following on Linkedin & Twitter

@ISTE -  International Society for Technology in Education PLN

@CurriculumTalk - St. Vrain Valley Schools Curriculum account

Matt Miller - Educator & Author

Slack Digital workspace

Discovery Education - Education Management PLN

Inside Higher Ed - Online media for higher education

Websites - Elearning site featuring webinars and articles

Edutopia - Resource for educational best practices & innovative teaching


Vrain Waves - Featuring educational and innovative technology leaders 

Future of School - Conversations around online and blended learning

TED Radio Hour -  Platform for world-changing ideas

Your Undivided Attention - Exploring solutions for more humane technology

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Blogs and Communities

AJ Juliani - Featuring and discussing the intentionality of innovation in schools

Retrieval Practice - Resources and research based on cognitive science

Thought Leadership Lab - Ideas for thought leaders, innovators and coaches

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Inspiration starts with connection.

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